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What are the health benefits of braces ?

August 3rd, 2022

What are the health benefits of braces? 
The first thing some may think of is cosmetics, but braces provide more than just great looking smiles.

1. Orthodontic Braces Help with Proportions
Ortho braces help with the following:

- Misalignment of teeth
- Overbites and underbites
- Overjet bites
- Periodontal problems ( elaborated below )
- Issues chewing and speaking
- Unmatched dental midlines


2. Orthodontic Braces Prevent Gum Disease
It's not a surprise that wearing braces can
be a factor in the cause of gum disease in
regards to the difficulty of brushing and flossing.
But without braces straightening of teeth,
one can find that food can set in between teeth.

Brushing and flossing consistently can help prevent
gum disease.

3. Orthodontic Braces Prevent Tooth Decay
Although braces can increase the risk of developing tooth decay,
braces can help to prevent tooth decay by straightening teeth.
Braces only become a factor in tooth decay development when
food particles become trapped under the braces and in between teeth
, and are not addressed.

Consult with the Orthodontist about dietary restrictions.
For example, The Orthodontist may explain why it is
imperative to limit the eating of candy.


4. Orthodontic Braces Prevent Cavities
If tooth enamel gets weak, tooth decay can occur.
Sugars and bacteria can combine to create plaque
which can create decay. If this occurs, cavities can
develop. As we spoke about previously,
braces can be a factor in prevention of tooth decay,
therefore leading to preventing cavities.

5. Orthodontic Braces Help with Digestion
You read that right.
Because braces help to create fewer gaps in
between teeth, chewing food can become easier
and leads to faster digestion.


6. Orthodontic Braces Prevent Injury
Braces can act as a shock absorber.
They can protect the teeth and lower jaw from
potentially breaking. Even though this is
the case, braces can get damaged upon impact.
If your child plays sports, consider a mouth guard
to protect their jaw, teeth, gums, and braces.


7. Orthodontic Braces Prevents Bone Erosion
To understand how braces can prevent bone erosion/loss,
we first should understand the causes of bone loss.

Alveolar Bone loss is irreversible.
Jawbones are essential for holding teeth
in place. While bone loss itself is not a disease, it can
be the result of an underlying issue.
Unfortunately many oral health conditions can cause

Here are the most common:

  • Bone loss
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Receding gums


8. Orthodontic Braces Help with Self-Esteem
Braces don't just help with straightening
teeth and correcting issues like malocclusion,
bruxism, and preventing the aforementioned
preventions. Braces are also cosmetic
and help to straighten and beautify great smiles.
This surely helps with confidence and self esteem.
Now, who wouldn't want to show off their awesome smile?


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Halloween and Halloween Candy Safety Tips For Parents

October 18th, 2021

Many children everywhere are excited to dress up, go out on Halloween and claim their fair share of Halloween candy. Here are some Halloween safety tips for parents.

    1. Remember to check labels. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to read the labels. An allergen can be present in their treat and can affect your child.
      Some ingredients can affect your child negatively due to conditions.
    2. Homemade Treats can seem innocent and safe but there's just no telling what ingredients are in them, not only because of allergens but because of deliberate harmful content. These are absolutely a NO-GO.
    3. No snacking while actually trick or treating.
      Many children will want to snack on some of their candy during the trick or treating fun but this is dangerous because it means the candy was most likely not checked. If they absolutely feel like having some of the candy while they are out, make sure to check it thoroughly before they have at it. It is best practice to be with your children while they enjoy this traditional national pastime but if you find yourself in the position of sending your kids out, make sure that they don't go out hungry. They may not want to snack after having a snack or a light meal. Let them know that they are not allowed to have anything anyone gives them until it is checked.
    4. Bobbing for apples should be individualistic. Apples should be washed before use.
      Children can also share germs and bacteria as well as illnesses such as covid if they share the same barrel for bobbing.
    5. Party Food should be protected. Food should be safe before serving. Unpasteurized products can contain Salmonella. Keep Salads, Sandwiches, fruit, cold cuts, and cheese platters chilled.
    6. Halloween Costumes and Sizes. Make sure to get the right size to prevent any unwanted trips and falls. Face paint is typically safer than masks.
      Sometimes Halloween masks can limit children's vision as well as breathing. Check their masks before they go out. Also, check the masks for harmful materials like fake hair and excess strands of material inside the mask that can get caught in their mouth from breathing it in.
      Costumes, wigs, and accessories should be fire-resistant.
    7. Glow sticks, reflective tape & strips, and costumes do wonders for being able to see and be seen by drivers and neighbors alike.
    8. Crossing: If there is any night to cross at crosswalks and corners, it's definitely on Halloween.
    9. Predators. We wish we didn't have to mention this one but because it's a reality, we must all be aware that there will be predators out there. If your children are trick or treating without you, Make sure that they are in a group.
    10. Never enter a stranger's home or car.
    11. Group Tactics. Keep safe distances from each other due to covid but stay close enough so that no child gets left behind. The group should check behind themselves and around the area every time they move or even stay stationary.
      Staying aware of the people around you and people walking past is suggested. If something or someone looks suspicious, say something.
    12. Doorbells. Don't ring doorbells with exposed hands. Use a prop if you can.
    13. Some towns like Clifton NJ and Nutley NJ tend to use crossing guards and neighborhood watches for Halloween. Your small group should walk past them and stay in highly lit areas so the guards can remember your group and be able to share needed details.

Does your child have erupted teeth behind their baby teeth

June 5th, 2021

When a permanent tooth starts erupting under a baby tooth, the root of the baby tooth is resorbed and the permanent tooth takes its place. 

Sometimes the permanent tooth starts erupting in the mouth while the baby tooth is still there - this is known as shark teeth because of its appearance. It usually occurs in the lower and upper front teeth. If the baby tooth does not get out itself then it has to be extracted and the permanent tooth will naturally come in its place.

What causes Shark teeth?

Most commonly, at the age of 5-7 years, the permanent teeth start to push the baby tooth so they shed off. But sometimes the baby teeth don't want to leave the baby’s mouth and the permanent one comes right behind it and causes two rows of teeth to exist, one of the adult teeth and one of the baby teeth.

When should baby teeth fall out?

In total, a child has 20 baby teeth ( 10 upper and 10 lower) which start erupting at the age of 6 months. All these teeth come off before the age of 12 years. The permanent adult teeth are 32 in total and start erupting from the age of 6yrs.

Adult teeth eruption chart

What should you do if your baby has 2 rows of teeth?

For this case, there are some solutions for you. If the baby tooth is loose, tell your child to wiggle it out so it can come out on itself naturally. If the tooth is not loose you can take an appointment with a Children's general dentist. The dentist will perform a tooth extraction to remove the baby's tooth. If one of the front teeth grows the teeth behind it then it's most likely possible that the other one will do the same because pairs of teeth often act the same way. So instead of two visits, you can wait for the other adult tooth to grow so you can get your child’s teeth extracted in the same visit.

If your child is experiencing erupted teeth behind their front teeth,
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Oral hygiene mistakes to avoid

November 19th, 2019

1. Brushing too fast
brushing should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes twice a day
You can damage enamel brushing too fast. Slow to moderate speed brush strokes is ideal.



2. Not Flossing
Flossing helps to remove bacteria hidden. In one corner we have gum disease and the other corner, the heavyweight champ, Floss! Gum disease affects mainly adults but can happen at an early age, especially if you don't have a proper oral care routine, which includes flossing every day. Floss comes out the winner!



3. Not using the right toothbrush
We recommend buying a chargeable electric toothbrush.
We realize that is not always an option, so we recommend using toothbrushes with soft bristles as these are much more effective. Avoid buying hard toothbrushes. These can damage tooth enamel and toss out toothbrushes after 2-3 months because they get rough. These can damage tooth enamel.



4. Not brushing your tongue
When brushing your teeth, brushing your tongue gently will rid
of bacteria that gets collected on your tongue called biofilm.
This type of bacteria can lead to bad breath and even tooth damage.
The tongue itself has peaks and troughs that are a perfect place for bacteria to thrive and settle. In fact, Its a leading cause of bad breath.
Let's brush those tongues and battle bacteria.



5. Not rinsing after brushing and flossing
Flossing and brushing is not enough. You can leave particles behind.
Rinsing is an important last step to brushing and flossing. Rinsing will
help rid of these excess particles.


6. Not drinking enough water
Drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth
dry mouth can result in growth of bacteria and fungi which can,
in turn, lead to bad breath.



7. Frequently Snacking
An occasional treat is fine, but repeated sugar intake and other carbs will increase the risk of cavities. Sugar can stay stuck to your teeth.
These sugars can damage your teeth. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in
the mouth using sugar from foods and drinks to produce acids that
dissolve and damage the teeth.

It's important to monitor and moderate children's sugar intake.


8. Eating Acidic food at night
The acid in the saliva can damage can affect the health of your gums.
It is said to be best to eat at least two hours before your bedtime.
We recommend brushing the teeth before bedtime. This will help to keep
your mouth clean of acids.



9. Waiting too long before your final brush time and bedtime
It is very important to brush right before you go to bed.
Cavities can develop and grow rapidly when the mouth is dry.
Bacteria will eat away at your teeth eventually creating
holes (cavities) and leaving you without your teeth.
Plaque is also an issue. It can harden to form tartar.
plaque and tartar cause irritation, inflammation, and bleeding of the gums,
as well as dental decay, also known as cavities.
Let's make sure to brush our teeth before bedtime.




This article is intended to provide an understanding and knowledge about
Oral hygiene mistakes to avoid. Always seek advice from a professional dentist with any questions you may have regarding your child and medical conditions or treatments.

Give Kids a Smile Day! - Smile Central Dental - Feb, 1st, 2019

January 31st, 2019

Give Kids a Smile Day! - Smile Central Dental - Feb, 1st, 2019

Announcement post!

We are happy to announce that we will be participating for our 15th year in the "Give kids a smile" movement. On Feb, Friday, 1st, 2019, we will be providing free dental services to those who need it and may very well not have insurance. 

Give Kids a smile day!

Cited from the American Dental Association:
With the support of the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile program, launched nationally by the American Dental Association in 2003, more than five million underserved children have received free oral health services over the last 13 years. These free services are provided by approximately 10,000 dentists annually, along with 30,000 other dental team members.

All locations are participating.
1. 140 Market Street, Paterson, NJ
2.  625 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055
3.  3196 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Union City, NJ 07087
Please Contact Jessica Hidalgo at
or call to schedule. Phone numbers can be found at the header of our website next to your desired location.


For those who have questions about dental health, dental problems, kids dentistry, braces, and treatment and need to schedule consistent visits with a dentist in the North Jersey area, give us a call at one of our locations nearest you.


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October 31st, 2018

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