Meet the Team

Clinical Director

Robert Grunstein, DMD

The founder of Smile Central Dental, Dr. Grunstein — or Dr. G as he is affectionately called by his patients — was formally trained at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry and graduated in 2001. Upon graduation, Dr. Grunstein began his career working in Paterson at a busy inner-city dental clinic where he recognized an acute need for greater access to affordable dental services in the community.

Dr. Grunstein spends much of his time educating the community and policymakers on the importance of dental care for all children. He has been recognized with many prestigious awards for his innovative approach to dentistry by pioneering the concept of the Cavity Fighter truck, a mobile dental operatory. Dr. Grunstein is the recipient of the Richard Tannis Youth Service Award for his work in promoting children’s dental health in New Jersey.

In addition, he has served on the Mayoral Task Force Committee to promote further wellness in Paterson. He has also been recognized by Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, New Jersey Horizon Healthcare, Yeshiva University, and the State of New Jersey General Assembly for his work. He has been lauded in many publications, including The New York Times, Bergen Record, and the Star-Ledger for his commitment to dental health outreach.

Dr. Grunstein works tirelessly to raise awareness of access to dental healthcare for children and the importance of preventive dental health. When he is not working on children’s dental health, Dr. Grunstein is at home, playing with his own three children and his two Labradoodles Snickers and Mack. He also enjoys camping and working on his Jeep.

Dr. G’s Favorites:

  • Superhero: Tarzan
  • Movie: “Meet the Robinsons”
  • Food: Fried chicken and fries

Jonathan Noll, DMD

Dr. Noll grew up in Clifton, New Jersey and attended Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. He loves science and it is one of the reasons he became a dentist. His favorite part of his job is working with children and making a difference in the community.

In his free time, Dr. Noll loves to read. His favorite book is Something Wicked This Way Comes

Dr. Noll's Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Scrooge McDuck
  • Superhero: Starman
  • Food: Pierogies

Ghada Mubarez, DDS

Dr. Mubarez grew up in New York City and attended NYU. She describes herself as an artist and says that she became a dentist because dentistry combines art and medicine. She loves working with children which is her favorite part of her job.

In her free time, Dr. Mubarez loves taking walks in the parks and LOVES amusement parks.

Dr. Mubarez's Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Mulan (because she's tough!)
  • Book: Fire Starter
  • Food: Junk! French fries and burgers

Sheila Fils-Aime, DDS

Dr. Fils-Aime grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida and attended Howard University College of Dentistry. She says working with children makes her happy and becoming a dentist allows her to give back to the community.

In her free time, Dr. Fils-Aime loves going shopping and spending time with friends.

Dr. Fils-Aime's Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Princess Ariel and Princess Jasmin
  • Food: Mango


Giri Chelian, DDS

Dr. Giri Chelian grew up in San Diego and attended the University of California and Howard University College of Dentistry, Roseman University of Health Services. As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Chelian enjoys seeing patients react when their braces are removed.

In his free time, Dr. Chelian enjoys cooking and traveling.

Dr. Chelian’s Favorites:

  • Superhero: Spiderman and Batman!
  • Movie: “The Great Gatsby”
  • Food: Mexican and Indian food

Hong Yin,  DDS

Dr. Hong Yin was born in China but grew up in Ohio. She moved to New York for college where she attended Columbia University.  She became a dentist because she always wanted to work in the healthcare field. Her favorite part of her job is solving the puzzle of each orthodontic case.

In her free time Dr. Yin loves spending time with family, eating and playing tennis, She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Sam.

Dr. Yin's Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Ratatouille
  • Book: Catcher in the Rye
  • Food: Sushi

Jonathan Sipzner, DMD

Dr. Jonathan Sipzner grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. He attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He works hard every day to make all the young patients he sees a smile when they leave the office.

At home, Dr. Sipzner enjoys singing, snowboarding, and playing with his dog Snickers.

Dr. Sipzner’s Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Olaf
  • Movie: “Pinocchio”
  • Food: Hot Dogs

Chansoo Hah, DDS

Dr. Chansoo Hah enjoys working with children to help them overcome their fear of the dentist. He grew up in South Korea and attended the Ohio State University and New York University for his dental education.

In his free time, Dr. Hah enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and photography.

Dr. Hah’s Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Pumbaa from the Lion King… Hakuna Matata!
  • Movie: “Star Wars”
  • Food: Halal food

Anjana Gowda, DDS

Dr. Gowda grew up in India and attended the University of Southern California. Dr. Gowda became a dentist because she comes from a family of dentists and had a lot of dental problems. She loves being able to take care of patient's needs and finds it gratifying and fulfilling.

When Dr. Gowda isn't helping patients she loves cooking, eating and watching Bollywood movies.

Dr. Gowda's Favorites: 

  • Disney Character: Mickey Mouse
  • Superhero: Supergirl
  • Book: The Harry Potter Series
  • Food: Thai, Mexican, and Indian

Rachel Gold, DMD

Dr. Gold grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. She became a dentist because she loves the combination of helping people, working with her hands and science. Her favorite part of her job is helping patients gain a more confident smile, giving her patients information about oral health and showing kids that they can trust their dentist.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Dr. Gold's Favorites:

  • Disney Character: Princess Belle
  • Superhero: Spiderman
  • Books: The Little Prince and The Two Princesses of Bamarre
  • Food: Cereal, specially Frosted Cheerios


Tirza Valenzuela, DDS

Dr. Valenzuela grew up in Chile and after moving to the United States she attended Howard University to become a dentist. She went into the dental field to make a difference and her favorite part of her job is talking and laughing with her patients. Dr. Valenzuela's favorite hobby is spending time with her husband and her kids. 

Dr. Valenzuela's Favoites:

  • Superhero: Supergirl
  • Book: The Hungry Caterpillar
  • Food: Korean Food


Dr. Robert Grunstein (Paterson, Passaic & Union City)

Dr. Jonathan Noll (Paterson)

Dr. Ghada Mubarez (Paterson)

Dr. Jonathan Sipzner (Paterson & Passaic)

Dr. Rebecca Feder-Stamler (Passaic)

Dr. Chansoo Hah (Passaic)

Dr. Sheila Fils-Aime (Paterson)

Dr. Hong Yin (Ortho)

Dr. Giri Chelian (Ortho)

Dr. Kieth Dobrin (Ortho)

Dr. Tirza Valenzuela (Union City)
Dr. Rachel Gold (Paterson)
Dr. Anjana Gowda (Paterson)




Iulia Iliescu (Paterson & Passaic)

Rizwan Shafi (Paterson)

Alexandra Moreta (Paterson)

Stephanie Rocha (Paterson & Passaic)

Amanda Sargent (Paterson)

Shareen Sharif (Paterson)

Karen Baez (Passaic)

Benjarak Doyle  (Passaic)

Christopher Laporta (Passaic)

Rawan Samna  (Passaic)

Marie Pena  (Paterson)

Melissa Rosario (Union City)

Sarah Shafi (Union City)


Office Managers

Cristal Jimenez and Francheska Jimenez (Paterson)
Esther Toledo (Passaic)
Maria Gutierrez (Ortho)
Inocencia Troncoso (Union City)



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