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How to relieve pain from braces ?

January 19th, 2022

What causes Pain?
It is unknown to what the exact causes are but there
may be other factors at play.

These particular factors can

  • Changes in blood flow when braces apply pressure
    Over the counter pain relievers can be helpful
    in relieving pain due to the pressure associated with braces.

Topical products may also be helpful.
In addition, toothpaste, mouth rinse, and dental floss designed for
sensitive teeth.

Brushing your teeth softly
Protect the braces: Many patients play sports.
Using a mouth guard can help to protect your teeth, your gums and the braces.
Eating soft foods can help to avoid further pain that occurs from
eating tougher foods. These may include soft vegetables, pasta, jello, soup.

  • Other causes for pain:
    When brackets and wires physically rub it can cause pain
    as tissue becomes rough.
    Wires poking in the back of the mouth

When this is occurring, please make sure to contact your orthodontist.
Doing this can help to avoid any infections or any other complications
as well as addressing the pain.

If you are one of our patients and you are experiencing this, please contact us
so we can address the issue. If you are looking for a new Orthodontist, contact us, we are happy to hear from you and help you with any concerns or any needs you may have.

Halloween and Halloween Candy Safety Tips For Parents

October 18th, 2021

Many children everywhere are excited to dress up, go out on Halloween and claim their fair share of Halloween candy. Here are some Halloween safety tips for parents.

    1. Remember to check labels. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to read the labels. An allergen can be present in their treat and can affect your child.
      Some ingredients can affect your child negatively due to conditions.
    2. Homemade Treats can seem innocent and safe but there's just no telling what ingredients are in them, not only because of allergens but because of deliberate harmful content. These are absolutely a NO-GO.
    3. No snacking while actually trick or treating.
      Many children will want to snack on some of their candy during the trick or treating fun but this is dangerous because it means the candy was most likely not checked. If they absolutely feel like having some of the candy while they are out, make sure to check it thoroughly before they have at it. It is best practice to be with your children while they enjoy this traditional national pastime but if you find yourself in the position of sending your kids out, make sure that they don't go out hungry. They may not want to snack after having a snack or a light meal. Let them know that they are not allowed to have anything anyone gives them until it is checked.
    4. Bobbing for apples should be individualistic. Apples should be washed before use.
      Children can also share germs and bacteria as well as illnesses such as covid if they share the same barrel for bobbing.
    5. Party Food should be protected. Food should be safe before serving. Unpasteurized products can contain Salmonella. Keep Salads, Sandwiches, fruit, cold cuts, and cheese platters chilled.
    6. Halloween Costumes and Sizes. Make sure to get the right size to prevent any unwanted trips and falls. Face paint is typically safer than masks.
      Sometimes Halloween masks can limit children's vision as well as breathing. Check their masks before they go out. Also, check the masks for harmful materials like fake hair and excess strands of material inside the mask that can get caught in their mouth from breathing it in.
      Costumes, wigs, and accessories should be fire-resistant.
    7. Glow sticks, reflective tape & strips, and costumes do wonders for being able to see and be seen by drivers and neighbors alike.
    8. Crossing: If there is any night to cross at crosswalks and corners, it's definitely on Halloween.
    9. Predators. We wish we didn't have to mention this one but because it's a reality, we must all be aware that there will be predators out there. If your children are trick or treating without you, Make sure that they are in a group.
    10. Never enter a stranger's home or car.
    11. Group Tactics. Keep safe distances from each other due to covid but stay close enough so that no child gets left behind. The group should check behind themselves and around the area every time they move or even stay stationary.
      Staying aware of the people around you and people walking past is suggested. If something or someone looks suspicious, say something.
    12. Doorbells. Don't ring doorbells with exposed hands. Use a prop if you can.
    13. Some towns like Clifton NJ and Nutley NJ tend to use crossing guards and neighborhood watches for Halloween. Your small group should walk past them and stay in highly lit areas so the guards can remember your group and be able to share needed details.

5 ways to prevent kids tooth decay

October 3rd, 2021

It’s National dental hygiene month!  October!
Here's a quick easy look at prevention of tooth decay.
1. Don’t share utensils with your child or “clean” a pacifier by putting it in your mouth. You can transfer cavity-causing germs to your child

2. Eat healthy and drink flouridated water

3. First dental visit: No later than 1 year old

4. Use flouride toothpaste

5. Seal out decay: Ask your dentist about applying dental sealants to chewing surfaces of teeth.




Going back to school 2021 Full time North NJ | and items to pack in your child's backpack

September 5th, 2021

Going back to school in 2021 is not the same as the days of old.
With Covid-19 we as a society have to take precautions that we
haven't needed to do for a very long time. ( Virus Pandemic of 1918 )

In this health article, we go over what items we should consider placing
in our children's backpacks. Ok, NJ, let's take a look!

1. Extra Masks

Sometimes children lose their masks or drop their masks.
People may step on it. But even if a person doesn't step on the
mask your child may have dropped, a dropped mask should never be picked up and used again. There are all sorts of bacteria including covid-19 residue
on the ground.

Taking pre-cautions and having extra masks is a healthy habit to have.

Extra Masks should be placed in your childs backpack

2. Phone Charger
We need to communicate with our children at all times, especially during emergencies. Having a charger in the backpack is super beneficial.
Phone Charger

3.  Small refillable water bottle
It's better to have their own water to avoid getting sick from water fountains or sharing.
In school they are told to not drink from fountains, but having a water bottle stops them from rebellious fountain drinking.
Water bottle

4. Lunchbox
The lunchbox is self explanatory. Sometimes kids eat lunch at school. But like we will state later, having snacks available is a good habit.

5. File Folder
Have you ever went into your child's backpack and saw that a tornado hit the inside? Papers being thrown around is never desirable.

6. Tissues
A tissue on the spot is highly beneficial to a child when needing to sneeze or blow their noses.
Healthy snacks and tissues

7. Healthy Snacks
Who doesn't love a healthy snack? A good strong case will protect their snacks.
protect those snacks and they will protect a child's oral health as well as their overall health.

8. Strong Pencil case
Weak pencil cases will break and they will not protect the contents inside.
Pencil case and sneakers

9. Sunscreen
Even in the beginning of the school year, that pesky Sun could be troublesome.


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