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When do my child's teeth erupt?

January 7th, 2021

Children begin the teething process after the age of six months.
While this is a very new experience, it could bring a whole new set of difficulties for the parents with an uncomfortable and hurting baby.
Educating yourself about how their teeth erupt and why they eventually lose them when they will start getting their adult teeth is the best way to navigate this period of their lives.
From 6 months to 3 years of age, kids get 20 primary or baby teeth. These teeth fall out (shed) at various times throughout childhood.

How Do My Children’s Teeth Erupt?
Typically, 6 months is when your child begins the teething process.
Before baby teeth start erupting, they form from the tooth buds in their jaw, and they start to move upward through the gums and into the mouth.
The first teeth that will start coming in are typically the incisors that are situated directly in the front of the mouth.

Baby teething

These teeth are often first noticed by nursing mothers as the baby begins testing them out while feeding. From this point until the age of 3 years,
there is a steady progression of teeth coming in until they’ve got their full complement of 20 baby teeth.

How Their Teeth Loosen And Fall Out
Ever wondered exactly what leads to the baby teeth loosening and falling out?
The tooth buds form a whole new set of teeth that start growing up under the primary teeth.
In the process, the old roots are resorbed, and the tooth moves up and out of the way, getting loose before they fall out. Children typically announcing that they have loose teeth is usually the first sign that it is happening.
It’s better to let a tooth go through the process on its own and fall out naturally.

Children's primary teeth ( baby teeth ) typically fall out around 6 years old.
The central incisors are usually the first to go. The first permanent molars are next. The last baby tooth usually is lost around 12 years of age.

Father and son enjoying healthy snack


How many teeth do people have?
People have a total of 32 permanent teeth ( adult teeth ).
As said above, children will have 20 primary teeth by the age of 3 typically.

Below you can view teeth charts to get a good view of when certain teeth will erupt.

Baby Teeth erupt chart

Types of teeth

Adult teeth eruption chart




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