Signs of unhealthy gums - what to look for

It is true that gum disease is more likely to
occur in adults but it is important to take preventive measure early.
That's why brushing, flossing, mouthwash use and regular dental visits is vital for kids.

Periodontitis occurs when plaque and tartar spread below the gum-line.
Gums can get inflamed due to the bacteria under the gums.
Damage can get worse which can lead to space in new spots being developed.

Here is a comprehensive list for signs of unhealthy gums:

Painful chewing

Gums appear red or swollen in certain spots

Bleeding after kids' brush or floss their teeth

Gums bleeding even without brushing

Gums pulling away from the teeth (receding gum line)

Recurrent bad breath

Changes in a child's bite (The way the Teeth fit together)

Loose teeth and spacing

Pus between the gums and the teeth

Sensitive teeth


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