6 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

1. Start Brushing at an Early Age
When children start at an early age, they learn
the importance of brushing their teeth and
get comfortable with forming good healthy hygiene habits.
This gives you the opportunity to teach them
about cavities, tooth decay and bad breath as well
as the plus of a beautiful smile.
Children like the idea of having, what they tend to call icky stuff
in their mouth (germs).


2. Pick the right toothbrush
Letting Them Pick Out Their Toothpaste and Toothbrush
or at least letting them have some input and being
included in the purchase is a plus.
There are many dental and children's products that
geared toward children.
There are many different products with their favorite characters
on them.
Regarding flavors, your child may like some over others so
there may be times to try different ones to find the right one.

Electric toothbrushes sometimes also peak the interest of kids.
Did you know that some tootbrushes makes sounds, play tunes,
and timers?


3. Make It Fun for them
Children love to have fun at all sorts of time of day.
Things that can make it fun include Singing songs,
brushing together, Brands and characters they like,
their favorite flavor.


4. Apply Positive reinforcement:
Complimenting them on how well they brush their teeth
can help them find even more value in brushing their teeth
on their own. They especially love when their
parents are on their side and cheering for them.

In the beginning, they may make some messes but
this only gives you the opportunity to teach them clean up
as well.


5. Develop a routine
Creating a routine can help them brush on a daily basis
and get used to healthy habitual habits.
Brushing twice a day will be a walk in the park for them
after a while.
You can make a chart with the days of the week on it
and mark it or apply stickers. You can also add reaching
other goals or rewards.


6. Choose the Right Dentist
Choosing the right dentist is imperative to your kids
dental health and overall health.
Here's what to look for:
Know the difference between a children's general dentist and a family dentist.
Schedule Consultations With Each children's general Dentist.
Google reviews are a plus.
You need to find a dentist who has strong behavior management skills
Do They Have Special Training?
Do They Have a Fun, Clean, and Comfortable Environment?
Do They Take A Preventative Approach?
Great location
How are the practices of customer service?


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